Stewart Brand

Stewart Brand

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The Stewart Brand speeches bring the exciting and fascinating news and updates of de-extinction practices to the public. As the co-founder of Revive and Restore, Stewart and a team of scientists are currently working on bringing animals back to life and re-introducing them to nature.

Stewart has had a prolific and award-filled career as an author. Some of his award-winning and bestselling books include How Buildings Learn, Two Cybernetic Frontiers and The Last Whole Earth Catalog. His bio is also packed with many interesting projects that have a wide topic range.

Upcoming Stewart Brand speeches will be met with much anticipation as the field he is working in is revolutionary, controversial and ground-breaking.

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Reviving Extinct Species - Stewart Brand’s De-Extinction Speech Plans to Bring Animals Back

This de-extinction speech by Stewart Brand introduces plans of successfully bringing extinct species back to life and reintroducing them into nature. According to Stewart, scientists have already... is dedicated to finding the best keynote speakers, videos and ideas from around the world, founded by keynote speaker Jeremy Gutsche for those who love new ideas  [More]
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