Sunitha Krishnan

Sunitha Krishnan

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Founder of Prajwala

In her keynotes, Sunitha Krishnan educates her audience on issues affecting women and children in developing countries. She speaks not as a passive observer in such matters but as an active participant.

Krishnan is the founder of Prajwala, a Hyderabad, India-based organization that helps trafficked girls and women obtain shelter and assists in the education of 5000 local children who are infected with HIV/AIDS. The organization also operates a prevention program which trains youth in carpentry, masonry, welding, printing and housekeeping. In her keynotes, Sunitha Krishnan communicates to the public the need for such programs and ways of making them more effective.

Krishnan holds a doctorate in Social Work and a B.Sc. in environmental science. In addition to her formal education she has received a number of awards and honors for her tireless work for social justice. These include the Global Leadership Award, 2011 and the Perdita Houston International Award for Human Rights, 2007, awarded by United Nations Association of the National Capital, Washington, DC.

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