Suzanne Lee

Suzanne Lee

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The Suzanne Lee speeches expound upon the growing presence of sustainable fashion. Designers have made significant attempts to keep up with the consumer demand for environmental collections. And while many have made significant strides, one of the most pressing issues has been the creation of apparel that is 100% eco-friendly. Lee's pioneering of an intense fermentation process makes use of tea and bacteria, and its biodegradable nature may soon catch on.

Lee's operations are currently based in London where she is well-known for her involvement with the BioCouture Research Project. Her position as a senior research fellow with the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design has facilitated her role in its development of innovative and conservationist fashion technologies.

All those who are interested in the concept of socially responsible fashion will find solace in Suzanne Lee's speeches. Her 2007 authorship of 'Fashioning the Future: Tomorrow's Wardrobe' offers her wisdom to the masses via its examination of scientific research and its intense look at innovators like Issey Miyake and Hussein Chalayan.

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