Tal Ben-Shahar

Tal Ben-Shahar

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Professor, Author

Tal Ben-Shahar's speeches are fascinating explorations that examine how the lack of privacy in the online realm affects individuals. Ben-Shara believes that the need to over-share in today's society is damaging individuals and causing a serious detriment to their lives.

Currently a Positive Psychology lecturer at Harvard, Ben-Shahar understands the mental affects of sacrificing so much to online sources. He also consults and lectures internationally to at-risk populations and Fortune 500 companies, in hopes of educating them about privacy and its importance. With regards to his educational background, Ben-Shahar boasts a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Psychology and a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior, both from Harvard University.

As an author, Ben-Shahar's published works are internationally acclaimed and they include 'Happier and Being Happy' and 'A Clash of Values: The Struggle for Universal Freedom.' Ben-Shahar also appeared on 'The Daily Show with Jon Steward' and in the 2012 documentary 'Israel Inside: How a Small Nation Makes a Big Difference.'

Heeding cautionary warnings for individuals to keep some aspects of their lives private, Tal Ben-Shahar's speeches will change perceptions of online sharing habits and exposure.

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