Tim Harford

Tim Harford

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Economist and Journalist

Keynotes by Tim Harford are as reflective and thought-provoking as the journalist's other respected work.

Hardford is a hugely intellectual individual with a strong ability to extend economic issues far beyond its immediate realm. A senior columnist for The Financial Times with his own column, 'The Undercover Economist,' this University of Oxford graduate is a well-established name in his field of expertise. As a heavily visible face in the media, Harford has been featured on many television programs, from 'The Colbert Report' to 'The Today Show.' Having worked for both Shell and The World Bank, this is an experienced and trusted expert in economics with hugely influential views.

Keynotes by Tim Harford are hugely enlightening and explore ideas that have often been left alone. Sure to invoke a change in both process and thinking, this is a must-see for anyone interested in economic issues.

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