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Tim Urban

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The Tim Urban talk on procrastination discusses the risks of hesitation and both short and long-term goals. The blogger is the popular writer and illustrator behind the site Wait But Why, which often utilizes stick figure drawings in addition to long form prose. In addition to writing posts for the blog, the speaker works as the co-founder of test preparation firm ArborBridge, which offers one on one training for the SAT and ACT. He was educated at Harvard University.

The Tim Urban talk discusses much of the creative process behind Wait But Why, which he established in 2013. Topics he writes about include not just procrastination, but aliens, artificial intelligence, happiness, history, life, relationships and more.

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The Risks of Hesitation - Tim Urban’s Talk on Procrastination Explores Long and Short-Term Goals

In this intelligent and humorous talk on procrastination, Tim Urban reveals the three portions of the human psyche that alter one’s ability to reach goals. Urban believes that the three key... is dedicated to finding the best keynote speakers, videos and ideas from around the world, founded by keynote speaker Jeremy Gutsche for those who love new ideas  [More]
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