Todd Humphrey

Todd Humphrey

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Director of Radionavigation Laboratory, Assistant Professor

The keynotes by Todd Humphrey's focus on the future of GPS and tracking technology. Todd Humphrey's emphasizes how this technology is exciting, but how it also creates many security issues that people need to be cautious of.

Todd Humphreys earned his Ph.D. at Cornell University, and his interests lie in estimation and filtering, satellite navigation technology and software-defined radio. He is the co-founder of Coherent Navigation, and he is a faculty member at the Cockrell School of Engineering. Currently, Todd Humphreys is the director of the Radionavigation Laboratory and an assistant professor at the Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics at the University of Texas at Austin.

The keynotes by Todd Humphrey's look at the potential mayhem that may come with the advancement of technologies, and these powerful opportunities have the potential to be manipulated by users.

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