Tom Wujec

Tom Wujec

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Fellow at Autodesk

Tom Wujec's keynotes address how people visualize problems and solutions. He uses telling examples and well-organized information to do so.

Wuject is a Fellow at Autodesk Incorporated, a company which manufactures software for engineers, designers and filmaakers. Here, he has helped produce software such as PortfolioWall, Maya and Sketchbook Pro. Maya is probably the most well known of these three, as it has won an Academy Award for its contribution to graphics and computer generated imagery in the film industry.

Currently, Wujec's duties as a fellow have him working in the emerging field of business visualization. Tom Wujec's keynotes do well to explain what this field is all about. Essentially, business visualization uses sketches, infographics and other imagery to help teams conceptualize and find solutions to complex problems.

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