Tyler DeWitt

Tyler DeWitt

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research scientist, high school teacher, and digital content creator

Tyler DeWitt's keynote speeches are an extension of his journey to making science more accessible and more entertaining for students.

DeWitt is a high school teacher, digital content creator and researcher. His aim is to strip science, technology and math of such strict dedication to accuracy that it hamstrings actual learning. He strives to create systems for learning that promote critical thinking and 360 degree understanding and opposes the stale state of science textbooks.

DeWitt has taught high school Biology, Chemistry, and English in the United States and South Korea. He is studying to get a Ph.D. in Mircobiology at MIT, where he also teaches students from at risk neighbourhoods and underprivileged backgrounds.

He's also created a free online chemistry tutorial series which champion his teaching principles of bringing science to kids in engaging, entertaining ways.

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