Vinay Venkatraman

Vinay Venkatraman

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Co-founder, Professor, Designer, Product Designer

The Vinay Venkatraman keynotes examine the innovative and entrepreneurial potential present in some of the world's poorest nations. Throughout his presentations, Venktraman discusses a world where frugality is embraced and looked at as a visionary source for advancment, rather than as a detriment.

As the co-founder of the Copenaghen Institute of Interaction Design, Venkatraman maintains a breathtaking insight as an entrepreneur and an individual familiar with poverty. Prior to this position, Venkatraman was an Interaction Designer at Interaction Design Institute and a Visual Effects Designer at Primefocus Limited. With such an astounding knowledge of software and technologies, Venkatraman was approached to work at Microsoft, as a product designer. In terms of his education, Venkatraman graduated from the National Institute of Design and the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea with a Masters in Interaction Design.

Currently Venkatraman teaches courses at both the University of Aarhus and the IT University in Copenhagen. Venkatraman's work on emerging technologies was exhibited during 'Salone de Mobile,' an international furniture fair, in Milan, as well as across a variety of design magazines and blogs.

The Vinay Venkatrman keynotes explore innovative concepts and technological advancements that owe their existence to young and impoverished entrepreneurial minds.

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