Warren Berger

Warren Berger

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Author of Glimmer

The keynotes by Warren Berger empower individuals to believe they can make a lasting difference and contribution in propelling the world forward.

Berger's career started as a magazine writer, contributing to publications like Advertising Today, Business 2.0 and Communication Arts. Most recently, he has written for Bloomsbury, Fast Company, Harvard Business Review and has been a long time contributor to Wired magazine. He founded the Marmaduke Writing Factory in 2010 as well as co-founded WBLK Media. He leads a career in innovation speaking, inspiring business managers all over the world. He also serves as an adjunct professor at the University of Colorado.

Berger has written several books, with the latest called Glimmer.

The keynotes by Warren Berger inspire audience in passionate fashion about believing in their self-worth.

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