Yang Lan

Yang Lan

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Co-Owner of Sun Television Cybernetworks

The Yang Lan keynotes emphasize the importance of individuality and communication. As a talk show hostess and co-owner of Sun Television Cybernetworks in Shanghai, China with her husband Wu Zheng, she knows a thing or two about communication.

Lan has interviewed such luminaries as Bill Clinton, Henry Kissinger, Hugh Jackman and Kobe Bryant. She delves into her her guest's life stories, personal insights and careers, delivering in-depth stories to her audience. The Yan Lan keynotes evoke a similar hunger for information, presenting issues from a number of perspectives. She often touches on issues surrounding freedom of expression and information in a rapidly changing China, articulating these issues in a holistic, coherent fashion.

Lan is also quite accomplished academically. She earned her undergraduate degree from the Beijing Foreign Studies University and holds a master's degree from Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA). She is currently a member of the Columbia University International Advisory Council (IAC).

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