Alexis Ohanian

Alexis Ohanian

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Co-Founder of Reddit

In his presentations, Alexis Ohanian outlines the opportunities that emerging media offers to budding startups as well as individuals. While traditional media is almost always a top-down affair, social media allows regular, everyday people and small startups to leverage their brand or venture through the crowd.

As the co-founder of the news website, Ohanian is well versed in new forms of media. What makes this website more dynamic than traditional news outlets, is that news stories on gain or lose prominence based on how many positive or negative votes they receive rather than the opinion of an editor. In his presentations, Alexis Ohanian points to examples like this as evidence that social media provides opportunities to players that would traditionally be at a disadvantage.

Alexis Ohanian currently works as an angel investor, helping to fund and found organizations such as Hipmunk and Das Kapital Capital.

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