Alex Laskey

Alex Laskey

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President and Founder of OPOWER

The Alex Laskey speeches focuses on the behavioral pressures of society that can be exploited to benefit communities.

As the President and Founder of OPOWER, he utilizes the behavioral sciences to influence consumers in measurable and verifiable reductions in energy consumption. His in-depth knowledge about consumer energy has made into a sought-after speaker about energy-related talks. His expertise on energy reduction warranted him the opportunity to meet with President Obama to discuss the innovations that can be made with regards to a cleaner source of energy.

Laskey was campaign manager, a strategist and public opinion analyst for several politicians prior to his work at OPOWER. He also produced the award-winning film, Assisted Living, and was the director of new business and strategy for The Romann Group ad agency.

He received his Bachelors in History of Science from Harvard University.

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