Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper

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Journalist, News Anchor, Television Personality

Anderson Cooper's keynotes tackle the modern world of journalism while continuing a certain tradition of classic news. His marriage of tradition and modernity have made him a fan favorite among many generations and his coverage of major world events has set him apart as a news anchor. As a main news anchor for CNN on Anderson Cooper 360, Cooper has also gotten his own talk show titled simply 'Anderson.'

A graduate from Yale's political science program in 1989, Cooper went on to work with ABC and Channel One before landing with CNN where he currently resides. Among his various projects, he also voiced the narrative for Broadway's 'How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.' His awards include multiple Emmys and a National Order of Honour and Merit from the Government of Haiti for his coverage of the crisis there, among others. Anderson Cooper's keynotes marry the intensity of Cooper's career with his well-known sense of humor to make Cooper not only an inspirational figure to watch, but also a highly amusing one.

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