Ben Huh

Ben Huh

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CEO of Cheezburger

The keynotes by Ben Huh enlighten audiences about how to create and run a website that relies solely on people to share its content.

Huh attended Northwestern University and obtained a degree in journalism. Inspired by the online direction that journalism was moving in, he undertook a variety of different positions, all within the realm of the Internet. His first major career move was founding and becoming the CEO of Raydium. Then, for a short time, Huh was a consultant for AccuRadio before becoming the Business Director at InstaShield. He then took up the position as the Director Product Management at Intava.

In 2007 Huh founded and became the CEO of Cheezburger, a user-generated platform for viral web content.

The keynotes by Ben Huh draw from the exponential popularity of his own Cheezburger success story, giving helpful advice to other Internet startup hopefuls.

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