Ben Lyon

Ben Lyon

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Executive Director at FrontlineSMS:Credit

Keynotes by Ben Lyon focus on the future of mobile microfinancing and the potential economic value that lies in this industry.

In 2009, Ben Lyons became the executive director of FrontlineSMS:Credit, the year in which the company was established. Keynotes by Ben Lyon highlight the company's work of revolutionizing the interactions between the poor and the global finance world. Ben Lyon's company has a simple and low-cost solution to the growing administrative costs in poorer countries. CreditSMS has created a software that can track and send loans through text messages while saving time and money for microfinance institutions.

FrontlineSMS:Credit is a not-for-profit software company that works through an economic pyramid to increase the social impact for poorer entrepreneurs. His company focuses on developing the mobile money markets across Asia, Africa and Latin America.

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