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Bill Nye

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Science Educator, Comedian, TV Host, Mechanical Engineer, Scientist

Bill Nye's keynotes reflect a profound understanding of science that he has been able to translate to the masses. His Disney/PBS show 'Bill Nye the Science Guy' ran from 1993 until 1998 and put Nye on the map.

Receiving his Bachelor's of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University in 1977, Nye has also been the recipient of an honorary PhD from John Hopkins University in 2008 and a PhD in Science from Willamette University.

Following university, Nye worked at Boeing in Seattle and was instrumental in the development of the hydraulic pressure resonance suppressor that, to this day, is still utilized by the widely known Boeing 747. Nye's ability to merge comedy and scientific education is a skill that is rarely seen elsewhere and a distinguishing feature of Nye's career.

Nye continues to appear on many science programs and educational features and often speaks on the issues and science surrounding global warming and climate change. Bill Nye's keynotes speak to the importance of science in the world, but are conveyed using layman's terms and are easy to understand and enjoy.

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