Bob Davids

Bob Davids

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Designer and Entrepreneurial Businessman

Keynotes by Bob Davids outline an unusual approach to effective leadership. Whereas many speakers emphasize skills and qualities such as organization, charisma and confidence, Davids discusses the benefit to leadership without ego in business.

Davids began his first business at the tender age of 12 in 1956. By 17 he was accepted into the distinguished Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. After design school he thrust himself fully into the world of entrepreneurial business.

Davids has headed up six successful companies. Included among is a winery in southern California, a casino and a toy company, Radica, that was the world's third most profitable toy maker after Hasbro and Mattel. Throughout all of his ventures Davids has stressed the essential importance of a productive, dynamic working culture. Keynotes by Bob Davids emphasize this point and also point out the benefits of a leadership that encourage and inspire to work well rather than admonish failure.

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