Charles Leadbeater

Charles Leadbeater

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The Charles Leadbeater keynotes offer critical insight on the subject of formal education. Leadbeater draws attention to the inconsistencies existent between traditional instruction and the digital world, and the pressing need to intertwine these realms. His specific emphasis upon developing nations lends compassion to his mission, entrancing audiences and pedagogic enthusiasts.

Leadbeater's education-based keynotes are grounded in his multi-faceted career. His name initially rose to fame during the 1980s via his contribution to Marxism Today, he continues his editorial career with a position as Bureau Chief at the Financial Times, and he pioneered the iconic Bridget Jones's Diary film in the 1990s with his coworkers at The Independent.

The array of media pursuits followed by Leadbeater have made him an expert in his industry, bringing about his advisory position with former Prime Minister Tony Blair. His keynotes deliver captivating bits of his incredible legacy, the bulk of which may be read about in his social media-focused 'We-think' book.

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