Darren Williger

Darren Williger

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Sales Specialist

Promoting the positive aspects of social media and the power behind it, keynotes by Darren Williger are a strong argument for the integration of these platforms.

A sales specialist with a strong background in PR, Williger has worked for brands including Hewlett Packard and Dell. He strongly believes in the power of social media, and his enthusiasm comes through in his presentations. His tech and media savvy informs his opinions and makes him a reliable and experienced expert on the topic. His ideas are not only valuable in promoting social media, but also in directing businesses into understanding how to appropriate these platforms as part of a given business.

The trend of becoming more connected as a business can be daunting, but Williger's advice is extremely understandable and comprehensive. Valuable in terms of making sense of the changing role of business, keynotes by Darren Williger are both important and useful for those looking to stay relevant.

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