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Dave Logan

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Keynotes by Dave Logan examine the types of tribes naturally formed in traditional societies. Logan believes that all humans are linked to a certain tribal group based on personal characteristics and outlooks on life.

Logan is currently a management consultant and faculty member at the University of Southern California, where he teaches courses on management and leadership. He also holds a faculty position at the International Centre for Leadership in Finance -- receiving this position from Malaysia's former Prime Minister. Prior to this position, Logan was the Associate Dean of Executive Education at USC and consulted on leadership with companies like Intel and Charles Schwab American Express.

In terms of his educational background, Logan received his Ph.D. in Organizational Communication from USC's Annenberg School. Using his expertise of the business world, Logan authored New York Times #1 Bestseller 'Tribal Leadership' and bestseller 'The Three Laws of Performance.'

By exploring the societal dynamics and groupings of tribes, keynotes by David Logan shed light on human mentalities and cultural clusters.

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