Elizabeth Lesser

Elizabeth Lesser

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The speeches by Elizabeth Lesser address critical cultural issues. Lesser stands entirely opposed to the act of what she deems to be 'otherising,' or rather the demonizing of foreign groups. In place of this act, she supports the need to get to know others, especially those who maintain different lifestyles and belief systems.

Lesser's studies at Barnard College and San Francisco State University precede her work. Her extensive education has led her to address critical issues aside from cultural ones, such as her focus upon the environment via her concern for New York's Hudson Valley. She has continued her unrelenting commitment to social conflicts and academia via her co-founding of the Omega Institute, a center focused upon adult learning and the subjects of wellness and spirituality.

Lesser's grounded perspective is apparent in her authorship of 'Broken Open: How Difficult Times Can Help Us Grow' and of 'A Seekers Guide: Making Your Life a Spiritual Adventure.' Her speeches draw in her dedicated readership, as well as those with an interest in humanity.

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