Erik Hersman

Erik Hersman

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Founder of WhiteAfrican and AfriGadget, Co-Founder of Ushahidi, Founder of iHub

Erik Hersman's keynotes take his experiences in Africa and his accounts of the African economy to encourage North American investors to drop their preconceived notions of African economic vitality and to invest wisely.

Hersman received his B.S in Business Administration from the University of Florida and has gone on to found his own websites -- WhiteAfrican and AfriGadget -- that have become widely acclaimed. His co-founding of Ushahidi, a crowd-sourcing site that allows users to see immediate and updated crisis information in real time has been used to map crisis areas such as the 2007-2008 Kenyan crisis. It was later used to monitor the Afghanistan election, ensuring greater governmental transparency.

His current project, iHub, is Nairobi's Innovation Hub to gather tech specialists, investors, and hackers in the area to work with young entrepreneurs. Erik Hersman's keynotes give offer personal anecdotes as well as rich insight into issues surrounding Africa.

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