James Lloyd

James Lloyd

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President/ Keynote Speaker at 9 Screens International, Inc.

The importance of customer service in a successful business model is one of the main points targeted in James Lloyd keynotes.

The author of 'I’m on Fire, Watch me Burn!' and 'Torch Tips for a Luminous Life,' completed his B.A. in Speech Communications at Wake Forest University and worked as a recruiter, director and facilitator for several medical-based organizations.

His time at Wellpoint Health Networks and The Anthem Blue Cross garnered him an extensive amount of expertise in the healthcare sector which eventually lead him to take on speaking engagements in hospitals, insurance agencies and private clinics.

James Lloyd keynotes, while directly applicable to those in healthcare or education, can be beneficial to all industries as he details methods for improving leadership tactics and organizational methods as well as delving into improving personal potential and promoting more effective customer interaction.

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