Jean Tang

Jean Tang

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Copywriter, Journalist

Jean Tang's keynotes are as humorous as they are engaging and insightful. The lawyer-turned-journalist discusses the decline in memorable and captivating stories in copywrite and business writing today. Having founded MarketSmiths in 2010 -- a digital and print copywriting agency -- she dedicates her efforts to helping companies and brands provide consumers and readers with an exciting and emotional experience through content.

Tang came to the realization that law was not her calling in life in 2000. She packed her bags and traveled over six contents, gathering inspiration to write about food and her traveling experiences. Since returning to the United States, she has immersed herself in lifestyle publishing with a particular focus on food and has been published in a variety of notable publications such as National Geographic Traveler. Her book, 'The big New York Sandwich Cookbook: Delicious Creations from the City's Greatest Restaurants and Chefs' came out in 2011.

Jean Tang's keynotes are perfect for anyone in writing, journalism, media or copywriting.

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