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Jeff Jarvis

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Brands that have a larger presence on the Internet and are able to form interactions and communication with their customers online are more likely to have a successful brand, as is explained in the Jeff Jarvis keynotes. Jarvis is a Professor at the City University of New York Graduate School of Journalism as well as the Director of Interactive Journalism. He is also a new-media columnist and consultant for the Guardian News and Media. Jarvis does consulting and editorial work for various media companies including, Daylife,, The New York Times and Newhouse Newspapers. He is also the creator of Entertainment Weekly, and was previously a television critic for People Magazine and TV Guide.

He holds a diploma in Political Science from the Claremont McKenna College, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in journalism and political science from Northwestern University. Jarvis is also an author; in 2009 he published a book called, ‘What Would Google Do?’ and in 2011 his book titled, ‘Public Parts: How Sharing in the Digital Age Improves the Way We Work and Live’ was released.

Aside from publishing books and news articles, Jarvis is also in the blogging realm; he is the creator of a popular weblog called BuzzMachine. The Jeff Jarvis keynotes provide pertinent information on the future of online marketing and branding.

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