Jessa Gamble

Jessa Gamble

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Author, Science Blogger, Writer

The Jessa Gamble keynotes explore the science behind sleep cycles. In particular, Gamble compares the sleep patterns of those who live in environments with artificial light and those who do not.

Currently, Gamble is an author and science blogger. Prior to this current position, Gamble worked as an editor at 'Up Here' and mentored aspiring writers in the Yellowknife community. In 2007, Gamble was awarded with the Canadian Science Writers Assoication 'Science in Society Journalism' award and her essays have been nominated for a 'National Magazine Award for Best Short Feature.' She also graced the stage at the TED Global 2011 Conference in Oxford.

With respect to her writing, Gamble published 'The Siesta and the Midnight Sun: How Our Bodies Experience Tie.' She is a contributing writer for 'Scientific American' and 'Canadian Geographic.' The Jessa Gamble keynotes are insightful discussions that examine the concepts of wakefulness and sleeping patterns.

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