Jim Collins

Jim Collins

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The keynotes by Jim Collins focus on building truly admirable leaders, and the qualities that are needed for exceptional leadership. The most important characteristic is humility in the form of selflessness, and Jim Collins describes a leader as someone who is not influenced by personal gain.

Jim Collins earned a degree in business administration and mathematical sciences from Stanford University, and a PhD in management from Claremont Graduate University. Collins taught at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business, and founded a management laboratory in Boulder, Colorado. He has worked with CEOs at more than one hundred companies, and works with nonprofits, healthcare and federal governments.

Jim Collins is the author of six novels, and his most recent publishing is 'Great by Choice: Uncertainty, Chaos, and Luck-Why Some Thrive Despite Them All.' The keynotes by Jim Collins identify the traits that are needed for success, and to become an exceptional leader.

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