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JK Rowling

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JK Rowling's keynotes focus on the failures she endured throughout her journey to become one of today's greatest writers. Best known as the author and creator of the beloved book series Harry Potter, Rowling has increased literacy among children, inspired young authors, and given birth to an entire world beyond our own that many of us, to this day, still remain an active resident of.

After studying at the University of Exeter in the fields of French and Classic Literature, Rowling worked as a researcher and bilingual secretary for Amnesty International. Her ultimate career success struck when she wrote the Harry Potter series and her much documented "rags to riches" story has since been told and retold exponentially.

Though she is currently considered one of the best success stories out there, and one of the world's all-time bestselling writers, she has experienced poverty, failure, and loss of her own. From the Harry Potter book series has sprung a hit movie series, multiple fashion collections, spin-off books, video games, and an entire online realm of 'Pottermore' that allows Potter lovers to continue their journeys.

She has received plenty of public praise including multiple British Book Awards for Best Book and Author of the Year, A 2011 British Academy Film Award for 'Outstanding British Contribution to Cinema,' and honorary degrees from Harvard, St. Andrews, Edinburgh and others.

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