Jody Thompson

Jody Thompson

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Cofounder and Principle of CultureRx

Jody Thompson's keynotes, which are often presented alongside Cali Ressler, offer innovative strategies for improving and increasing trust within the employer and employee relationship. Thompson is currently the Cofounder and Principle of Culture Rx, an organization and program devoted to making the work environment more stimulating and beneficial for both employer and employees.

Thomspon is a seasoned keynote speaker who regulary sought out to get teams back on track, aligning goals and setting realistic goals. Thomspson is known for her creation of the 'Results-Only Work Environment' (ROWE), which she came up with while working at Best Buy. It is an understatement to say that Thompson has revolutionized the workforce industry. Her books, keynotes and workshops show how work can be a healthy, happy and enjoyable place.

Jody Thompson's keynotes are perfect for businesses and companies looking to revamp their culture and make employees happier.

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