Joel Selanikio

Joel Selanikio

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Pediatrician and CEO of DataDyne

Dr. Joel Selanikio's keynotes focus on his business DataDyne and its work in improving health data collection. Selanikio is a practicing pediatrician who formerly worked for the Center for Disease Control as an epidemiologist. Selanikio was also formerly a Wall Street computer consultant.

Ever since the Palm Pilot emerged in the mid 90s, Selanikio has focused on using electronic devices to record important health data. He maintains that filling out forms and going door to door to gather this data is costly and ineffective. Using electronic tools to gather life saving health data is easier and provides physicians with more accurate global health information.

Joel Selanikio has a bachelor's degree from Haverford College and a medical degree from Brown University. He also graduated from the Epidemic Intelligence Service fellowship with the Center for Disease Control.

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