Keith Yamashita

Keith Yamashita

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Co-Founder of Stuck, Founder of SYPartners

The keynotes by Keith Yamashita focus on business motivation and seeing new possibilities for forward-thinkers who are stuck. Keith shares his insights, motivating individuals to do something incredible with their lives by becoming "unstuck."

Keith Yamashita earned a bachelor's degree in econometrics and quantitative economics, and a master's in organizational behavior at Stanford University. He was an on-air television commentator and expert at The Business of Innovation, and was a speaker, analyst, on-air correspondent and writer for At Large.

He is the founder of SYPartners, and the co-founder of its sister company called Unstuck. This company builds coaching and mentoring networks using the Internet, and has more than 150,000 registered users. The keynotes by Keith Yamashita provide advice and new perspectives to individuals by promoting communication and collaboration.

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