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ken blanchard

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The Ken Blanchard keynotes bring up the undeniable importance of role models. Having someone to look up to has been essential to the growth of countless individuals. Whether one admires a family member, co-worker, friend or celebrity, Blanchard points to just how critical mentors can be.

Blanchard attended Cornell University where he completed a B.A. in 1961. He continued his academic pursuits at Colgate University with an M.A. degree. And though he graduated in from the program in 1963, he quickly followed up on that designation in 1967 with his completion of Cornell University's education administration Ph.D.

The succinctly delivered Ken Blanchard keynotes reflect his faculty position with Cornell University's School of Hotel Administration. His trustee emeritus and visiting professor statuses have allowed him to deliver his uplifting messages, and in 1991 he was recognized as one of the Cornell Entrepreneurs of the Year.

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