Keynote by Steve Glenn

Keynote by Steve Glenn

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Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer at Executive Travel

The Steve Glenn keynotes looks at what it takes to sustain yourself as successful entrepreneur. He stresses that excitement, motivation and the thrill of a challenge is what entrepreneurs should focus on, as opposed to just the financial gains.

Glenn is the CEO and Chairman of the Board at his firm called Executive Travel. It is a travel agency that also offers vacations, due to their partnership with the leading vacation travel agency known as Virtuoso. The company is based out of Lincoln, Nebraska, and was founded in 1986 by Steve and Marie Glenn. Steve graduated from the University of Nebraska back in 1979, and since then has held the role of officer and director on several commissions and boards. He has also held the title of elected Director and Secretary at the Lincoln Airport Authority.

Due to his remarkable success and management skills, he has been awarded as the 'Business Owner of the Year' by the Lincoln Independent Business Association. As well as honored with the title of 'Entrepreneur of the Year' by the University of Nebraska Center. The Steve Glenn keynotes are bound to motivate you to become a stellar entrepreneur.

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