Kyung Yoon

Kyung Yoon

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Correspondent, Advisory Board Chair, Executive Director, Co-Founder

The Kyung Yoon keynotes discuss the value of having female leaders in both professional and business networks. Yoong believes that women can relate to each other and this allows a more cohesive and collaborative work atmosphere. As the Executive Director and Co-Founder of the Korean American Community Foundation, an initiative that provides grants and assistance to organizations within the community, Yoon understands the importance of reliable networks.

Yoon is currently the Advisory Board Chair of the New York Asian Women's Center, which provides care for victims of domestic violence and trafficking. Seoul Korea-born Yoon received her bachelor of arts degree from Wellesley College and her Master's of Art from the John Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.

As a result of her tireless work in the community, Yoon was awarded the '2009 Caring for Children Award' from the Coalition for Asian American Children and Families and the 'Distinguished Service Awared from the City of New York.'

In the past, Yoon worked at WNYW Fox Channel 5 News as an award-winning correspondent and was the first Korean Aemrican broadcast reporter in New York City. By examining the importance of female faces in the business world, the Kyung Yoon keynotes are empowering speeches for young girls and women looking to delve into the professional world.

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