Laurie Santos

Laurie Santos

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Assosciate Professor of Psychology, Director of the Comparative Cognition Labora

The keynotes by Laurie Santos discuss the evolution of the human mind and mating habits. Laurie Santos analyzes pair bonding, polyandy and polygamy in animals and relates it to the behavior of humans.

Laurie Santos earned her A.B. in psychology and biology from Harvard University and Ph.D. in psychology from Harvard. She is currently an associate professor in the psychology department, and is the director of the Comparative Cognition Laboratory at Yale University. This lab focuses on uncovering the core abilities that create complex cognitive capacities that are shared between humans. They study different species, and take a comparative approach to their research.

Laurie examines the origins of the human brain by analyzing primate behavior in her lab. By looking at how primates make decisions, Laurie Santos may unlock new insights into the human brain.

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