Lewis Mackenzie

Lewis Mackenzie

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Retired Canadian General

In his speeches, Lewis Mackenzie speaks about his views on leadership and international relations. He does so with humility, confidence and wit, speaking from the perspective of a retired general of the Canadian Army.

MacKenzie began his military career with the The Queen's Own Rifles of Canada. During the Cold War, he served in West Germany with NATO forces. As a peacekeeper, MacKenzie served with the United Nations, which had him see nine tours in six mission areas. These include the Gaza Strip, Vietnam and the former Yugoslavia. As anyone with even a passing knowledge of recent history knows, working as a peacekeeper in a war-zone is a grave and dangerous task. Maintaining a level head, paying attention to the situation and being aware of the needs of those one leads, is that much more difficult. In his speeches, Lewis Mackenzie draws on the experience, providing his audience with insight into what makes a good leader.

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