Maria Bezaitis

Maria Bezaitis

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Advisory Board member at TTI Vanguard, Principal Engineer at Intel

Maria Bezaitis' speeches are primarily based on the social dynamics of society and how technology is affecting the structures of social relationships.

Bezaitis has created structures about the social and cultural landscape of society to aid in developing innovations in technology. Bezaitis joined Intel in June 2006, where she was the Director of the People and Practices Research Group. For her later work at Intel, Bezaitis develops business models to aid in creating new device interfaces and security technologies. She works on the social and cultural aspects of society, which help in developing business models for tech industries.

Prior to Intel, Bezaitis was the Managing Partner at E-Lab, where she utilized ethnographic methods in design planning for consumer products, packaged goods and branding. She received her Ph.D at Duke University in French Literature.

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