Mary Anne Hobbs

Mary Anne Hobbs

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Host of the Music: Response Show, English DJ, Music Journalist

The keynotes by Mary Anne Hobbs describe how she attained her dreams through persistance and passion. Mary Anne Hobbs believes that people need to charge at their dreams, and apply a reality distortion to their lives.

Mary Anne Hobbs is an English DJ and music journalist who began writing for Sounds Magazine at the young age of 19. She worked with NME as a freelance U.K. music news correspondent, and helped found Loaded Magazine. She worked at XFM, and was headhunted by BBC Radio 1. For fourteen years, she led the Radio 1 Rock Show and Breezeblock on BBC Radio. Currently, Mary Anne Hobbs hosts the 'Music: Response' show, which is broadcasted across all of the XFM networks.

The keynotes by Mary Anne Hobbs motivate individuals to charge at their passions to achieve greatness. Hobbs is one of UK's most accomplished broadcasters, and she pushes others to take risks like she has.

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