Matthew Guiste

Matthew Guiste

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Director of Global Brand Loyalty at Starbucks

The keynotes by Matthew Guiste reflect his experience and expertise in using social media platforms and networks to innovate. As the director of Global Brand Loyalty at Starbucks, Guiste created the site to engage with consumers and develop a two-way dialogue. Before this role at the iconic coffee brand, he worked as the Director of Global Social Media.

Guiste received his MBA in Finance at the Michael G. Foster School of Business at the University of Washington. Upon graduating, he became the marketing director for ColdHeat and later the Director of Client Services at Portent Interactive.

The keynotes by Matthew Guiste explain how Starbucks was able to revolutionize itself and transform its customer engagement through the two-way dialogue that was established on Guiste is a firm believer in the potential of innovation during times of chaos and uncertainty.

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