Michael Margolis

Michael Margolis

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Author, Lecturer, Curator, President, Founder

The Michael Margolis keynotes are fascinating explorations of how life circumstances define future actions. Margolis believes that individuals must use their past experiences as tools to succeed in the future.

As the president and founder of Get Storied, Margolis leads a company devoted to transforming the age-old tradition of story-telling. He is a keynote speaker and presenter for 'Get Storied', as well. Prior to this position, Margolis was a Venture Coach and Evaluator at NYU Stern School of Business and an Executive Education Instructor at Schulich School of Business. Before the age of 23, Margolis co-founded two Digital Divide non-profit organizations.

In terms of his education, Margolis earned his Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Anthropology from Tufts University and his Executive Education Certificate in the Business Bridge Program from Dartmouth College's The Tuck School of Business. In combination, he also earned his certification in Organizational Storytelling from the Center for Narrative Studies.

Currently, Margolis curates the 'Reinvention Summit,' the world's biggest online storytelling conference and teaches Brand Storytelling for the Schulich School of Business. His innovative work on storytelling and branding was featured in publications including 'Fast Company' and 'Storytelling Magazine.'

As an author, Michael Margolis is most well-known for 'Believe Me: A Storytelling Manifesto for Change-Makers and Innovators.' By identifying past actions and using them to prepare the future, the Michael Margolis keynotes are eye-opening discussions that identify the important lessons that exist in the past.

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