Mteto Maphoyi

Mteto Maphoyi

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Opera Singer

Mteto Maphoyi's keynotes offers audiences an in-depth look into how he creatively overcame his struggles and adversities while growing up in South Africa.

One of the defining moments of his childhood was when his father left their family in a small Xhosa township in South Africa's Western Cape, and all that he left behind was a single Pavarotti CD. Despite not being able to understand the Italian lyrics, Maphoyi continuously listened to the songs until he was able to fully sing along.

Maphoyi utilized his inherent passion for listening to music to form the Six Tenors, a group of teenagers who came together to sing Opera on the streets in order to raise money for their families. Having been involved in gangs and numerous violent altercations, Maphoyi used the power of song to pull himself out of that violent cycle of crime, to become something much greater.

Currently receiving training from South Africa's prestigious Black Tie Ensemble at the State Theatre, Pretoria, Maphoyi can also be seen in the documentary called, 'The Creators: South Africa through the eyes of its artists.'

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