Nina Jablonski

Nina Jablonski

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The Nina Jablonski speeches reference her long-standing career as a professor and current head of Penn State University's Anthropology department. Jablonski's years of research and collaborations with Asian and African scientists have made her an authority on subjects like human evolution and physiological adaptions, in part responsible for her lengthy discourses on skin color and physical contact.

In addition to her professorial position, Jablonski also currently works with the Folio Primatlogica publication as an Associate Editor alongside her position as Joint Editor of the Cambridge Series on Biological and Evolutionary Anthropology. Her keen writing skills have been made further apparent by way of her 2006 novel 'Skin: A Natural History.' Jablonski's speeches in the realm of academia have received heady international recognition with her receipt of one of the Alphonse Fletcher Sr. Fellowships in 2005.

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