Pam Warhurst

Pam Warhurst

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Founder, Chair of the Board

Keynotes by Pam Warhurst promote the belief that the living different and promoting change and conversation can start in usual places. In particular, Warhurst discusses how her hometown of Todmorden turns all unused land plots into community vegetable gardens to promote tourism.

Currently, Warhurst is the Chair of the Board of Forestry Commission and the co-founder of 'Incredible Edible Todmodern,' a local initiative that promotes community gardens. Prior to this position, Warhurst was a member of the 'Board of Natural England' and the lead non-executive on the 'Countryside & Rights of Way' Bill. She also held the position of Deputy Chair and Acting Chair of the 'Countryside Agency' and chair of the 'National Countryside Access Forun.'

Due to her work promoting and encouraging community change, Warhurst was named a Fellow of the 'Royal Society of Arts & Manufacturing' and was named a 'Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire' (CBE) in 2005.

Advocating that everyone has the ability to promote change and enhance their community, the keynotes by Pam Warhurst offer means by which these goals can be achieved.

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