Richard Branson

Richard Branson

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Owner of Virgin

The Richard Branson keynotes are a reflection of this individual's passion and drive in life and in business. As one of the most innovative business people out there today, Richard Branson has established himself through his Virgin brand that gave birth to many other businesses under the same parent company. As the 4th richest billionaire, according to Forbes magazine, Branson has been hugely successful with his company and the risks he took along the way.

His business with Virgin began with the Virgin record label in 1972, which signed controversial artists of the time, such as the Sex Pistols. In 1984, Virgin Atlantic Airways launched, followed by Virgin Mobile in 1999. With over 400 businesses at this point Branson is considered one of the most successful entrepreneurs of the century.

Branson holds an honorary degree of Doctor of Technology from Loughborough University, was knighted by the Queen in 1999, is an active charity donor, and was honored with the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences for his business in music. The Richard Branson keynotes reflect on this man's success and his strategies.

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