Richard Sears

Richard Sears

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Visiting Scientist, MIT

Speeches by Richard Sears explore the direction of global energy use, future resources and the role that oil will play in an increasingly environmentally conscious society.

An educated geophysicist, Sears started a long career as a scientist at Shell Oil Company. After climbing the corporate ladder, he held positions such as Economics Manager and Explorations Manager amongt other postings at Shell before finally resting at Vice President of External Research. After this long stay at Shell, Sears moved on to become an engineer advisor, briefly, at BP.

Currently he is a visiting scientist at MIT and is labelled a 'Gamechanger' at LeadingEnergyNow. His extensive career takes his expertise in the academic world and applies it to operations in the ever-changing energy sector.

The speeches by Richard Sears are influenced by his focused career to examine the world through a post-oil lens.

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