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roger martin

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The Roger Martin speeches express his preoccupation with corporate culture. Martin breaks down the need for businesses to explore creative ventures, and to moreover do away with thw traditional experience and results based approach to innovation. In its place, he advocates the value of risk taking and re-branding, leading to bigger payoffs and breakthroughs.

Martin currently serves as the Dean at the University of Toronto's Rotman School of Management. His attainment of an MBA at Harvard University in 1981 placed him on the right academic path, and the positions that he subsequently held further developed his expertise. It was at the Massachusetts-based Monitor Group where Martin first gained his footing, working for 13 years with the management consultancy firm as a director and the eventual founder of Monitor University.

One of the best aspects of Roger Martin's speeches are their diversity. His experiences with pedagogy and the professional industry is as extensive as his literary career. As the author of four books, inclusive of 'The Future of the MBA,' it may be said that Martin is an authority in several regards.

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