Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

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Former CEO of Apple Inc.

Speeches by Steve Jobs are extremely reflective of the man he was, both in terms of his character and his matchless innovative mind. A genius in both business and design, Steve Jobs was responsible for some of modern technology's most advanced products including the iPod, iPad and iPhone.

Having been unsuccessful in completing a university or college degree, Jobs joined forces with Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne to pursue a career in personal computing. The three founded Apple Inc. on April 1st, 1976. Having left the company and then later returning to transform it into one of the world's most iconic brands in technology today, Jobs' work and contribution to the world of technology remains unparalleled. Often referred to as a visionary, Steve Jobs has transformed the way individuals interact with modern technology.

Speeches by Steve Jobs hone in on his undeniable passion for innovation, invention and design, as well as his perceived importance of choosing a career path that complements one's true interests, desires and life goals.

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