Tom Chatfield

Tom Chatfield

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The educational potential that exists in video games is discussed in Tom Chatfield's keynote speeches.

Graduating from the University of Oxford with a Doctorate in Literature and Philosophy and a M.Phil, the author has written four books, including 'How to Thrive in the Digital Age,' that focus on the role of digital culture in society.

He was formerly the Arts and Books Editor for Prospect Magazine and a contributor to the BBC Future website as well as consulting for companies such as Google and BBC Worldwide on digital media.

His opinions on gaming have allowed him to speak at events such as the World Congress on Information Technology and in The House of Commons and he regularly lectures at London’s School of Life and the Said Business School in Oxford.

The points addressed in Tom Chatfield's keynote speeches have earned him the status of being one of the '100 Top Global thinkers' in 2010, as recognized by the Italian think-tank LSDP, and encourage audiences to re-think the potential of video game technology.

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